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A dental implant replaces a natural tooth that is missing or severely decayed. Dental implants are the most natural-looking, -acting and -feeling tooth replacement option. They are considered the modern solution for replacing missing teeth. They are preferred over dental bridges when replacing a single missing tooth and provide support for dentures when needed for replacing all natural teeth. With proper care they can last your lifetime.

The benefits of implants far outweigh other forms of tooth replacement:

  • Implants let you talk, chew and exert pressure just like with natural teeth.
  • Implants look, feel and act like natural teeth. People usually don’t notice any difference.
  • Implants prevent bone loss that occurs when teeth are lost.
  • Implant-supported dentures have no false upper palate, which means you can taste and enjoy your food.
  • Implants are the strongest and longest-lasting replacement for teeth.
  • Implants don’t require alteration to the structure of adjacent teeth as with traditional dental bridges.
  • Implants help preserve bone in the jaw. They prevent the collapsed, wrinkled look from the progressive bone loss that occurs with dentures and missing teeth.