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Technology elevates Nuva Dental

VERO BEACH ― Nuva Dental in Vero Beach is a modern, technologically-advanced practice, specializing in laser dentistry and other minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Eva Napoles, DDS used the recent COVID-19 slowdown as an opportunity to restructure the practice’s procedures, with an emphasis on patient health and comfort.

“When patients see what we’re doing, they feel confident and calm,” Dr. Napoles told Hometown News. “Resuming regular dental visits is important because treatment, as well as prevention of dental disease, helps keep people healthy.”

“We have created a strict protocol building upon existing infection control measures, to help protect patients and the dental team when re-engaging in providing the full range of oral health care,” Dr. Napoles said. “We have implemented strict protocols surpassing the requirements established by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

The office closely monitors changes and updates to ADA and CDC guidelines and implements those changes, in areas like patient separation, protective gear, air filtration, and cleaning.

“I hired a new team member that is in charge of making sure everything is clean, so we have that extra layer of protection,” Dr. Napoles said.

One aspect of the practice that Dr. Napoles is very proud of is the expanding use of new technologies, including digital technology, lasers, and a scanning system.

Nuva Dental recently purchased a new, state-of-the-art laser. Dr. Napoles uses laser dentistry for most procedures, including fillings, root canal treatments, and surgery.

The scanner is used to map out the mouth in preparation for improvements in the bite and smile, using digital technology to create a 3D diagram of the mouth.

The laser and scanner provide reliable and consistent results.

“With the cutting edge technology that we have in the office we provide value and more quality to our patients in every treatment. This allows us to practice minimally invasive dentistry.”

“The lasers are amazing,” Dr. Napoles said. “We purchased the most current laser on the market that can be used for many purposes. Yesterday I did six different things on one patient, using the one laser, which rarely requires anesthetic. I can do fillings with no anesthetic, faster, and the laser also sterilizes and disinfects as it works, so there is less chance of getting new decay in that same tooth. It also leaves a more porous surface so that adhesion is a lot better. So it is a better experience for the patient, they get a final product that is better, and there is no downtime. They can come in at lunchtime, and then go back to work without being numb.”

“When I do root canal, the laser sterilizes the canal completely, so you have less chance of bacteria remaining there. It’s more predictable, less stressful. Patients like it because it doesn’t make the noise of a mechanical tool. It’s faster, and it heals faster. All of the technological advances we’re bringing to the practice are exciting for the patients and exciting for the staff.”

“I use the new laser for a lot of procedures, and it doesn’t produce the aerosol that traditional equipment would produce.”

With safety concerns alleviated and the best technology in place, the patients can focus on why they came to the dentist, which is often for a new smile in one day.

“If you have crooked or stained teeth, and you want to have that beautiful Hollywood smile that looks natural, we can do that in one day,” Dr. Napoles said.

“I partnered with an amazing lab that is expert in creating smiles. They have a mobile lab that produces porcelain veneers and crowns, everything we need right here at the office on that same day, and the patient has his or her beautiful smile in one day! Those days are very exciting for us, because the patient will come in unhappy and go home smiling and happy.”

Nuva Dental also partners with specialists in the area, which Dr. Napoles considers an important part of her success. “And our staff is very well trained. I truly believe that we’re only as good as the people around me that support our work.”

“We believe in providing our patients with the ultimate dental experience, make them feel welcome, treat them with empathy and sincere respect and ultimately create a long term relationship that lasts for years to come.”

As part of the commitment to putting patients first, Nuva Dental offers convenient hours to accommodate patient schedules. They add complimentary comfort services like relaxing aromatherapy, music, and pillows. And they see patients on time, making every effort to eliminate wait times.

Nuva Dental participates in most insurance plans, and they offer a Dental Wellness Savings Program for patients without insurance. Ask for more information about the in-house plans that include free and discounted treatments patients can access through a yearly membership, covering many periodical treatments that, when done properly and in a timely manner, can prevent or detect potential major and more expensive problems or treatments.

Nuva Dental is accepting new patients, as they recently expanded office hours and hired four new team members to enhance availability to see new patients. They also sell a variety of oral health care supplies in the office, saving an extra trip to the pharmacy.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Dr. Eva Napoles, DDS, Nuva Dental, (772) 567-2132, info@nuvadentalsmiles.com, or visit www.nuvadentalsmiles.com or www.facebook.com/nuvadental.

Nuva Dental is located at 1820 58th Ave., Suite 101, Vero Beach, across the street from Home Depot.