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Nuva Dental is a new experience in dentistry

“Nuva means ‘new,’ and that’s what we wanted, a new vision, a new experience and a new start on dental health for the patients,” Dr. Napoles told Hometown News. Nuva Dental has a mission statement that promises world class dental care, making each visit a positive experience. Through education, caring, and professionalism, they seek to… Seguir leyendo Nuva Dental is a new experience in dentistry

Technology elevates Nuva Dental

VERO BEACH ― Nuva Dental in Vero Beach is a modern, technologically-advanced practice, specializing in laser dentistry and other minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Eva Napoles, DDS used the recent COVID-19 slowdown as an opportunity to restructure the practice’s procedures, with an emphasis on patient health and comfort. “When patients see what we’re doing, they feel… Seguir leyendo Technology elevates Nuva Dental